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Fluoride-Free Toothpaste Bits

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These toothpaste tablets tackle surface stains & leave your smile radiantly white and tasting minty-fresh without any of the plastic waste! They are made with clean, vegan-friendly ingredients like coconut oil, xylitol, and nano-hydroxyapatite, a non-toxic flouride alternative that helps fight sensitivity and remineralize tooth enamel. Cruelty and fluoride-free. Each bottle of toothpaste bits includes 62 bits (a one month supply). They're 100% plastic-free, coming in a reusable & recyclable glass bottle, and they foam easily while naturally whitening teeth and tackling sensitivity.

Just bite down on your bit, brush with a wet toothbrush, smile & watch it foam up like magic! You can also pair them with this cute little travel tin for on-the-go freshness!

Ingredients: Erythritol (prevents cavity-causing bacteria from making a home in your teeth), Calcium Carbonate (acts as a mild abrasive that helps clean and polish your teeth), Xylitol (repels cavity-causing bacteria and is naturally sweet) Natural Peppermint Flavor (makes the bits taste minty fresh), Nano-Hydroxyapatite/N-Hap (helps fight sensitivity and remineralizes your tooth's enamel), Sodium Bicarbonate (helps balance PH levels in your mouth), Guar Gum (made from legumes, helps keep your bits together), Sodium Cocoyl Glutamate (derived from Coconut Oil, helps your bits foam up and clean in between your teeth), Zinc Citrate (bonds to malodors to help fight bad breath), Colloidal Silicon Dioxide (helps keep your bits dry), Menthol (makes the bits taste icy cool), Cellulose Blend (helps the bits stick together)

Made in the U.S.A

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2 Reviews

  • 5

    Love this natural toothpaste!

    Posted by Tatiana Sivak on Apr 14th 2024

    My doctor recommended this toothpaste since my teeth need support and remineralization post-patrum, without the flouride or harsh chemicals. So glad she did. I love the berry taste and the mint is nice too. Simple to use and so pleasant. It'll be great for travel too!

  • 5

    Love these little Bites

    Posted by Jill Hart on Dec 15th 2023

    Perfect little toothpaste Bites without the mess and waste of a tube! They are lightweight and perfect for travel in the available tins!

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