Free Shipping on orders $35+


Return Policy:

We accept free returns as long as they are sent within 40 days of the original shipping date. Returns are accepted if the customer ordered the wrong product, received the wrong product, there was a problem with the product or it did not meet reasonable expectations, or it was received already damaged*. Returns will not be accepted if the item was unreasonably or significantly used. Accepted returns are eligible for exchanges, store credit, or full refunds. 

*Please note that as we do try to keep our packaging as sustainable and minimal as possible, some products like shampoo or soap bars may occasionally come slightly dented if the package was not handled well during the shipping process. Some products will therefore not be considered damaged and eligible for returns unless the damage affects their use. Pictures of the damage may be requested before we process a refund or exchange.

To Return an Item:

Please visit our Return Portal to begin the return process, go to our FAQ Page with any other questions, or contact us directly for further assistance.

Free shipping on orders $35+