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About Us & Our Mission

Who We Are 

Just Honest started in 2021 while the Covid-19 pandemic was still raging on, jobs were hard to find, and disposable masks littered the streets. We were founded by our Owner, Haley, whose educational background is on the environment, and were originally named J. H. Appleseed having been inspired by the age-old tale of Johnny Appleseed. Yet even after studying the environment and being well aware of how rampant greenwashing is in this industry, Haley was still taken back by how hard it can be to find truly eco-friendly American-made products and how far some companies will go to hide the not-so-friendly details that they don’t want their customers to see. Through this struggle, Just Honest was born. Our mission and our namesake is true transparency in sustainable retail. We want to encourage and embrace the sustainable living community, to learn and grow with them, not simply try to appease them while carrying on with business as usual.  

What We Do

Just Honest is your one-stop shop for quality eco-friendly goods. We provide reliable and environmentally conscious substitutions for everyday products to minimize waste, tackle greenwashing, and encourage sustainable lifestyles to do our part in preserving a healthy planet as well as promoting a safe and equitable future for its inhabitants. We carefully vet each of our suppliers to ensure that you, the customer, can feel confident that you are getting the highest quality and most truly sustainable products available, and we vow to continue adjusting our offerings as we find newer, better, and more environmentally friendly offerings. We also offer sustainable living tips & tricks on our blog as well as more in-depth looks at more pressing environmental issues and what you can do to help.

What We Stand For

Honesty & Integrity   Sustainability & Simplicity   Community & Equity 

We aim to minimize any waste or environmental harm created by our business and our customers on all levels -- from material sourcing and production to shipping and packaging -- in order to provide our customers with easy access to various truly green lifestyle products. We encourage our customers to likewise think and act sustainably in order to lower their own impact on the planet and create a healthier environment for our communities and future generations to thrive in, even if that means not buying our products until they are truly needed. All shipping is automatically carbon offset and we encourage our customers to buy in bulk to help reduce the environmental impact of shipping and packaging, and we reward them for doing so with bulk discounts and our rewards program. We reuse our packaging whenever possible and purchase only packaging meeting the highest sustainable standards thanks to EcoEnclose. We also strongly value diversity and environmental justice, and work to promote products from minority-owned businesses.

Our Commitment to Our Customers: Our goal is to establish a relationship of complete trust and opacity with our customers by employing honesty and integrity, never tricks or gimmicks. We want Just Honest to be truly meaningful, not manipulative. We won’t annoy you with endless pop-ups and emails, and we won’t even play the age-old game of calling something $15.99 to try and trick your brain about forgetting about that extra dollar. We hope these company values show through our service and do their part in inspiring our community and fellow businesses to adopt similar ideals. 

Our Commitment to the Planet: We are 1% for the Planet member, meaning that we vow to donate at least 1% of our gross sales to various environmental non-profit organizations that work towards conservation and environmental justice each year. We also participate in the Stripe Climate program in which we donate an additional 1% of our credit card sales to carbon removal efforts, though that is not our main focus. In 2023 we donated well over 10% of our total profits! Our own operations are completely carbon neutral, meaning that we donate annually based on our sales to offset our carbon footprint, including our shipping. We also plan to soon start the B Corp certification process, which ensures that we employ truly sustainable and equitable business practices. Check out our Donate Page to see what other charities we regularly donate to or support! 

What Just Honest Means to Us

Here at Just Honest, we strongly believe that small changes and efforts can have large and long-lasting impacts. Just as seeds planted hundreds of years ago can still be thriving and providing sustenance today, we have the ability to pass on our own environmental efforts to future generations and watch as their effects spread and grow. When one person takes it upon themselves to change their lifestyle by curbing wasteful habits and implementing more conscious sustainable choices, even if that only entails small and easy substitutions, they will undoubtedly affect the people around them and make some of them reconsider their choices as well. If a family gets used to using zero-waste products and practices in the kitchen, that will become simple routine and be a no-brainer when/if the children venture out and create families and habits of their own in their own homes. Such sustainable practices can continue to catch on with other family or friends when they see the ease at which such product replacements and minor changes to their daily routines could be made to not only help clean up the house (and the planet!) but also help you feel better about the mark you are leaving on the world for generations to come. Just live honestly and the world will take notice.


Check out our FAQ Page to see more information on who we are, what we do, and how we work, or go to our Contact Page to reach out and chat!

Free shipping on orders $35+