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Laundry Detergent Sheets

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  • A box of eco-friendly laundry sheets with information and instructional text
  • An open box of eco-friendly laundry sheets
  • A box of eco-friendly laundry sheets with information and instructional text on a white background


This pack of concentrated, zero-waste, natural laundry detergent sheets effectively washes up to 100 loads of laundry. Just drop a sheet into your laundry tub with your clothes and let the magic happen. These eco-friendly laundry sheets are minimally packaged in recycled cardboard boxes and are even printed with sustainable algae ink!

Currently available in unscented, fresh linen, or citrus burst, with lavender to come!

To Use: Just tear an eco laundry sheet in half along the perforated line and throw the half sheet into your laundry tub with your clothes. The box contains 50 full sheets (100 half sheets), standard small to medium loads use 1/2 sheet. For large or especially stained loads, use a full sheet. 

Plant-Based Ingredients: Decyl glucoside (surfactant derived from Coconut), Polyvinyl Alc. (biodegradable supporting matrix), Glycerin (textural additive), Deionized water (solvent), Essential oils (natural fragrance), Coconut oil (surfactant)

Made in the U.S.A

Click on the brand name and our About Us page to see how else this purchase contributes to environmental conservation & sustainability efforts

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2 Reviews

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    Laundry Game Changer

    Posted by Janet on Oct 28th 2023

    I don't quite know where to start in praise of this product. Over my many years of doing laundry, I've used powdered, liquid, and homemade laundry detergents. -- Homemade detergent was not the be-all-end-all it was made out to be; every recipe I tried ended up leaving my clothes feeling like they were coated with soap residue. Making your own detergent takes time that I don't always have, and the cost savings was minimal, in my experience. -- Liquid detergent was inconvenient, but worked well. However, I felt like I was paying for water and buying plastic that would end up polluting the earth. It was heavy to lug home from the store or added to emissions from vehicles if I ordered it online. I also found it difficult to travel with liquid detergent, which is something I do, but may not apply to all people. -- Powdered detergent was _fine_ but didn't always dissolve completely. I found powdered laundry detergent to be irritating to my sinuses because there was usually a bit of a "puff" of detergent when I poured it into the washing machine. It also tended to leave a slight film (probably from that "puff") on the surfaces in my laundry area, which I disliked cleaning. I won't be returning to any of those options as long as this product is available. I've tried other brands of laundry detergent sheets, and this is the best-performing one by far. I've used the unscented and the linen scented varieties. -- The linen scented sheets are not overly fragrant, just a lightly pleasant scent. But if you have any issues with fragrances at all, I'd suggest the unscented. -- The sheets quickly and fully dissolve in any temperature water. -- I've never had an issue with residue being left on my clothing at the end of a cycle or after air drying or machine drying. -- I can get by with using just half a sheet on small, lightly soiled loads of clothes. I generally use a full sheet, though, because I tend to wash large loads. -- I have a special needs child who gets his clothes very dirty, and these laundry detergent sheets get out everything! -- Traveling with these sheets is a breeze. There are no worries about carrying liquids through security, they take up next-to-zero space and weight in a carry-on bag, and it's easy enough to tear off just a bit of a sheet if you want to wash a few items in a hotel sink. TRY THESE - YOU WON'T BE DISAPPOINTED! :)

  • 5

    Literally ZERO WASTE!

    Posted by ari demboski on May 30th 2023

    Absolutely loved how easy these were to incorporate in my life & when I was done I threw the box in the compost!

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