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Celebrating Mother’s Day Sustainably

Celebrating Mother’s Day Sustainably

On Mother’s Day, everyone scrambles to find the perfect present for the woman who gave them the gift of life. And while every mother deserves to feel appreciated on this special day, unfortunately, gift-giving culture promotes many practices that negatively impact the environment, from purchasing non-sustainable products to using wasteful wrapping. So, this Mother’s Day, check out this guide to learn how to celebrate your mother while also keeping Mother Earth in mind.

  1. Eco-friendly flowers. While a bouquet of flowers is the most common gift idea for Mother’s Day, the global flower industry promotes many practices that are unsustainable and environmentally harmful. To avoid the greenhouse gas emissions racked up by the transportation of flowers from outside countries, use the Slow Flowers directory to find florists near you who only sell domestically-grown flowers. Or check out The Bouqs Co. to get bouquets delivered nationwide from certified eco-conscious farms. To minimize landfill waste created by non-biodegradable packaging, opt for paper wrapping or look for bouquets arranged in reusable vases without floral foam. Also, consider choosing a dried flower or wooden flower bouquet for a timeless, unique look that’s guaranteed to last much longer than a fresh-cut arrangement. And, finally, potted flowering plants can also be a great option if you want that same fresh-flower look without the waste of disposable arrangements.
  2. Fair-trade treats. Got a mom with a sweet tooth? Then before buying the first box of chocolates you see at the store, support companies that craft their sweets ethically from fair-trade sources with the environment in mind. This list of sustainable, fair-trade chocolate companies provides the great guide to find ethically-sourced and eco-conscious candy.
  3. Sustainable spa day. What mother couldn’t use a little self care session? Curate some eco-friendly products to treat your mother to a sustainable spa day experience. You could include an all-natural bath soak, an eco-friendly face mask, a clean and compostable-packaged whipped body butter, and some all-natural candles or handmade wax melts to set the mood. For wrapping, combine the products with some recycled basket filler shreds and arrange it all in a nice crate that she can re-gift or reuse for storage.
  4. Compostable cards. Most people like to include a thoughtful card with their Mother's Day gift. To ensure that your card doesn’t end up contributing to deforestation or landfill waste, opt for a recycled, biodegradable/compostable card like those offered on websites like Etsy. Or, if you have a mother who loves to garden, try a plantable herb or wildflower seeded card for a sustainable way to show some love.
  5. Recycled wrapping. Whatever gift you end up choosing, make sure to be conscious of the amount of waste that normal wrapping paper contributes to landfills. Instead, opt for recycled, biodegradable wrapping paper to minimize any unnecessary paper waste.

Before purchasing anything this Mother’s Day, be aware that even the most sustainable gifts end up being wasteful if your mother doesn’t actually use them. So, if you can’t seem to find the perfect present, consider giving her a gift that can’t be wrapped:

  1. Make a Mother’s Day meal. Think about how many meals your mother has probably made for you over the years. Wouldn’t you love to return the favor? Consider preparing a home-cooked meal this Mother’s Day, whether that’s a simple dish shared between the two of you or an elaborate feast for the whole family. Whatever you decide to make, be sure to send your attendees home with leftovers to reduce food waste. Also, swap out your plastic cutlery for reusable silverware and purchase some plant-based, compostable sponge cloths for cleaning up messes.
  2. Plan a garden-themed gathering. Got a mother with a green thumb? If so, offer to plan a gardening day where you (and any other siblings or family members) give your mother a hand with any gardening tasks that she wants to complete. It’s a great way to spend quality time together all while promoting bee pollination and supporting sustainable food production if she grows fruits or vegetables.
  3. Donate to a charity in her name. Donations make the perfect gift for mothers who are passionate about particular issues, whether that’s women’s rights, animal welfare, world hunger or climate change. If you’re unsure about which charity you should support, check out this charity navigator for loads of information and unbiased ratings on different organizations, or read about which charities Just Honest supports and donates to!
Apr 18th 2024 Sabrina Castle

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