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Bamboo Hair Brush Set

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  • Bamboo Hair Brush Set
  • Bamboo Hair Brush Set
  • Bamboo Hair Brush Set
  • Bamboo Hair Brush
  • Bamboo Hair Brush Set
  • Bamboo Comb
  • Bamboo Hair Brush Set


This brush set has everything for your sustainable hair care needs. From working through tangles to precise styling, this brush, comb, and brush cleaner have you covered! Bamboo is a more sustainable option than typical plastic brushes as it is one of the fastest-growing plants that needs less resources than many other woods. The round shape allows for ease of use for all styling & detangling needs as it gently massages and soothes the scalp, helping to improve circulation. It is also super easy to clean with the handy brush cleaner!


  • 1 Bamboo Hair Brush (5.3 x 1.2in)
  • 1 Brush Cleaner
  • 1 Bamboo Comb (9 x 3.1in)
  • 1 Reusable Gift Bag

Care Tips: Avoid soaking the bamboo hair brush set in water, pat dry when needed. Use brush cleaner to gently remove hair build-up and store in the travel-friendly bag.

Disposal: Repurpose the bamboo hair brush as a body massager, back scratcher, pet groomer, etc. Check your city's waste management info before disposal.

Made in Canada

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