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Kobee's Organic Lip Balm

Reusable 'Cotton' Buds

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  • Reusable 'Cotton' Cleaning Buds
  • Reusable 'Cotton' Cleaning Buds
  • Reusable 'Cotton' Cleaning Buds
  • Reusable 'Cotton' Cleaning Buds


These cute reusable 'cotton' buds include a carrying case and are a great way to help combat waste without the inconvenience. The reusable ear swabs are incredibly versatile and can be used for many purposes, such as for cleaning the ear canal, removing eye makeup, or even cleaning electronics and jewelry. They are made from 100% bamboo and silicone and easy to clean as the soft silicone material combined with gentle warm water can easily removes any dirt. They are travel-friendly, made small enough to be light and portable, and are ready to bring with you on any essential trip.

Around 1.5 million disposable swabs are produced every day. All of these swabs require an abundant amount of resources to produce, ship, and package, all to be thrown out after one use. Sometimes they are even flushed down the toilet or fall out of the trash system and end up in the natural environment. These reusable cleaning buds are a great easy swap to help do your part in reducing some of this waste.

Included are 2 double-headed buds and 1 magnetic travelling case with Kraft paper packaging. Please note that the silicone ends are not intended to be removable.

Care Tips: Make sure both tips are securely in place before use. Clean with warm soapy water after each use. 

Disposal: Repurpose the reusable cotton buds for gardening, crafts, and other creative projects. Check your city's waste management information before disposal. If unsure, always consider composting the bamboo part in the backyard then throwing the silicone part in the garbage.

Made in Canada

Click on the brand name and our About Us page to see how else this purchase contributes to environmental conservation & sustainability efforts

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    Posted by Janet on Oct 28th 2023

    I'm kind of meh about this product. Admittedly, it was a splurge purchase and I wasn't sure if I would really like it. Even though I *know* it's not recommended, I do use regular Q-tips for cleaning my ears. The textured swab (not sure how else to describe it) most closely aligns with Q-tips as an ear cleaner for me. The smooth swab just doesn't pick up ear wax at all. The pointed and tapered swabs are quite good for getting into nearly empty makeup containers. The pointed end is also good for cleaning under fingernails. The tapered end works pretty well as a cuticle pusher. The magnetic closure on the container is quite strong. I've never had an issue with it coming open in my travel bag. I do travel with this set so I don't have to bring Q-tips, which always seem to come undone in my bag.

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